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Safe Internet for kids

My dear little friend, the Internet has some risks, which can endanger your virtual and real life security. So think carefully and try to follow these rules while using the Internet:

  • Create a safe account; restrict access to your personal data as much as possible,
  • Never disclose personal information without parent’s permission,
  • Never go for a meeting with your 'Internet friends',

My rights

My dear little friend, you know lots of thing about the Earth, plants and animals. But it is time to know about your rights, that all children have equal rights and adults should help children to be protected.

Well, hurry to read about your rights.

Short stories for kids

My dear little friend, I know you enjoy spending your free time playing with your friends, watching cartons, but I am asking you to spend one hour per day reading my stories.

These illustrated stories are so interesting; you can even discuss with your friends and learn lots of things from these stories.

Well, I know you will love my stories...

Komitas message to younger generations

Komitas sent his message to younger generations encouraging to love love the nature, because one can find God's endowment in nature.  READ MORE in Armenian…

Stop hitting! FAQ for children and young people

Stop hitting! Banning all corporal punishment of children
Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children
People often have a lot of questions about banning corporal punishment of children.
This booklet provides answers to these questions in a way that is accessible to children and young people.