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The importance of music, dance and art in parenting (Komitas)

Komitas Vardapet, highlighting the importance of education in human life, shows in his works the improtance of art, music and dance especially in national education. According to Komitas, singing and dancing train human body and helps to understand the human soul. Moreover, Komitas finds that art is the sun and vitality of nation.

Music that heals (Komitas)

The great Komitas was sure that music has a healing power; he has shown in his works all the secrets of music that can cure people. Comparing the lyre wires to the four elements of nature, he explains how the patient can be healed by touching the wires.  

Hovhannes Tumanyan - games

Hovhannes Toumanyan about the importance of games.

Komitas Educational Guide

Komitas had a belief that we can teach and educate our children with the help of several activities such as walking, training, dancing, playing and singing. This unique guideline is designed for 5-6 years old children offering a unique method of learning