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Parental Education

Parental Education, Methodological Guidance for Preschool Education Teachers/ Parental Education Facilitators, 2013, Armenian.

The manual is designed for parental education facilitators and includes basic information for teachers and handouts for parents. It consists of education methodology and resource materials on childhood development, health and violence against children.


The aim of educating parents is to inform them about the universal development and growth of their children and the changes in parents’ perceptions, attitude and actions depending on the child’s development specifics. Becoming a parent already means dedication to ensure adequate conditions for child’s natural development and growth.


There exist important parental responsibilities that ensure every child’s physical and physiological health and serenity. 


The publication  is available in Armenian.


·         Ensuring safe environment

·         Care for child’s basic needs

·         Meet child’s personal needs

·         Instill morality and recognition and protection of moral values

·          Develop the sense of mutual respect

·         Enroll the child in the educational process


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